Anomaly: a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form (dictionary.com). The one thing virtually all observers can agree on, in regards to the Baltic Sea Anomaly, is that it is just that, strikingly anomalous. In June of 2011, treasure hunters, Peter Lindberg, Dennis Åberg and the Swedish “Ocean X” diving team were performing sonar scans of the Baltic sea floor, within the Gulf of Bothnia. Eventually discovering the unusual shape of something that struck them as odd (or anomalous). The treasure hunters homed in their sonar equipment and still couldn’t identify exactly what it was they were looking at.

“Upon further inspection, divers and surface crew reported malfunctions in their electrical equipment whenever they came within 200m of the object.”

Gaia.com, 2019

While many sources (like the one above) state there were technical difficulties associated with getting close to the object, the average depth of the Gulf of Bothnia is about 60 meters (197 feet), maximum depth is around 295 meters (967.848). The anomaly itself lies 100 meters beneath the surface of the water, so the exact circumstances of technical anomalies and interference leaves much to be desired. If entirely substantial and not embellished by reports to further sensationalize the nature of the oddity.

This unusual circular looking formation has a diameter of approximately 70 meters (230 feet). Divers retrieved samples of the formation, later revealed to be granite, gneiss and sandstone. The divers also discovered what later revealed to be a lone piece of basalt (volcanic rock), not commonly found on the seafloor in the Gulf of Bothnia, but not inexplicable. The consensus of the scientific community that commented on this discovery is that what we are observing, though highly unusual in appearance is an entirely natural geological formation.

“A natural, geological formation can’t be ruled out. I agree the finding looks weird since it’s completely circular. But nature has produced stranger things than that.”

—Göran Ekberg, Marine Archaeologist

The less covered discovery, often left unmentioned by most intrigued by the Baltic sea anomaly, is the Baltic sea anomaly 2, the second anomaly found 200 meters away from the first.

“I confirm that we have found two anomalies. We did find the other anomaly approximately 200 meters (about 219 yards) from the circular find at the same sonar run.” Lindberg explained why his team had not released the sonar image of the second object: “We decided not to expose that anomaly so much because there is a lot of disturbance on the sonar image when we passed it, so it’s very blurry. We can see it’s something but to an untrained eye it might just look like ‘pea soup.’”

Snopes, January 9th, 2015

“Charles Paull, senior scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, California, said the anomaly is probably just a rock outcropping or the result of gas venting from the seafloor. Other experts argue it is merely a glacial depost [sic]. Even Peter Lindberg, the man behind the discovery, expressed skepticism about the object’s supposed otherworldly origins: “It’s not obviously an alien spacecraft. It’s not made of metal.” Team Ocean X’s discovery created a stir due to the fact that they could not identify the object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, not because any evidence supported the idea it was a UFO.”

Snopes, January 9th, 2015

Interestingly, the Baltic Sea is considered a relatively ‘young’ sea:

The Baltic Sea, one of the largest brackish water areas in the world, can be characterized as a young, cold sea containing an impoverished ecosystem due to salinity stress. The present Baltic Sea was formed as late as 2000 to 2500 years ago when the Danish sounds became more narrow and shallow. The inflow of freshwater from the surrounding land areas caused the Baltic to gradually attain its brackish character. Today the Baltic covers an area of some 366,000 km2 as a series of basins separated by shallower areas and filled with about 22,000 km3 of brackish water. These basins are, from north to south, the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, the Gotland Sea and the Bornholm Sea.

—T. Sörlin, The gulf of Bothnia: The northernmost part of the Baltic Sea, 1982

Before the Baltic Sea was a sea, in a time period dating back 8 to 9 thousand years ago, it was the Ancylus Lake. Even earlier still, some estimations ranging as far as 12,600 years ago, the area was the Baltic Ice Lake. To put things in perspective, the Pleistocene Epoch (Ice Age) is typically defined as the time period that began about 2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,700 years ago.

So if you’re looking at this Baltic Sea anomaly and a part of you is thinking maybe it didn’t form entirely by the natural will of the elements, the area has been beneath water and/or ice for a period stretching beyond 2 million years to the present.

If it wasn’t the natural world that created this anomaly, how then did it come to be?


(Illustrated by Unknown Artist)

The recording above is part of the 1977 interview of 11 year old Janet Hodgson, by paranormal researcher Maurice Grosse. The odd gruff voice coming from the 11 year old girl, claimed to be that of deceased 72 year old man, Bill Wilkins.

August 1977, 284, Green Street, Brimsdown, Enfield, London, England. “It started in a back bedroom, the chest of drawers moved, and you could hear shuffling,” Janet Hodgson would recollect, some years after the incident in an interview. Upon hearing the sound of somewhat heavy furniture being moved about, Peggy (Margaret) Hodgson (mother of four) naturally assumed her children, were out of bed. The children insisted that the drawers were moving by themselves, Peggy Hodgson claimed she observed the chest of drawers moving along the floor, seemingly by its own accord. When Peggy attempted to push against the drawers, she discovered more resistance than the usual weight of the object, and was unable to move it from where it had traveled to.

Some of the children also claimed on the night of this primary incident, that they heard knocking coming from inside the walls of their shared bedroom. In a frantic and terrified state, Peggy Hodgson and four children, Margaret (13), Janet (11), Johnny (10) and Billy (7) fled from their home and went to their next-door neighbor’s home, that of Victor and Peggy (Margaret) Nottingham. Vic stated in numerous interviews afterward, he went over to the Hodgson’s home to investigate, “I went in there and I couldn’t make out these noises, there was a knocking on the wall, in the bedroom, on the ceiling, I was beginning to get a bit frightened.”

Following this first incident, the police were notified to investigate the Hodgson’s council home. It was during this home visit that Police Constable Carolyn Heeps witnessed a chair wobble and then slide, unable to determine the cause for its movement. Constable Heeps went on to signing an affidavit that she had assuredly witnessed an armchair levitate about one half of an inch off of the ground and move approximately four feet along the floor.

“I heard four distinct taps on the wall and then silence. Then about two minutes later I heard more tapping from a different wall, another PC checked the walls, the attic and the pipes but could find nothing to explain the knocking. Then the eldest son of the family pointed to a chair near the sofa. I then saw the chair slide across the floor. It moved approximately three to four feet and then came to rest. I checked the chair and I could find nothing to explain how it moved.”

—Police Constable Carolyn Heeps

Interest in the Enfield Poltergeist began to increase, the family made contact with the Society for Psychical Research. Led by paranormal investigator, Maurice Grosse, investigations were underway, attempting to assess and record the seemingly paranormal nature of the events.

In early November, 1977, Grosse confronted the presence in the living room: “As I asked the question, ‘Are you having a game with me?’ it threw the cardboard box and the pillow right in my face. I have actually seen, myself, marbles being thrown about. I have seen the door moving without any help. I have also experienced the reduction of temperature.”

Maurice Grosse, Society for Psychical Research

Over 18 months following the night the Hodgson family first fled from their home, there were approximately 30 people who witnessed something perceived as a paranormal (or inexplicable) incident at the Enfield residence. Individuals consisting of police, journalists, researchers, even several claims made by people on the street passing by the home witnessed unusual sights through the windows. These experiences ranged from peculiar knocks, loud noises, tapping banging on the walls of the home. Toys, small objects being thrown around the house, particularly the living room. Furniture moving about the home by itself, usually relatively short distances. Disembodied voices, inaudible speech from different areas of the home. Unusual and often drastic changes in perceivable temperature. Lastly, the sighting (and experience) of Janet Hodgson levitating.

Eventually the strangeness of the Enfield Poltergeist Incident came to its crescendo with 11 year old Janet Hodgson, acting as a vessel for the being(s) responsible for the ‘unusual activity’. A distorted, gruff voice barked from the young girl’s mouth claiming to be the spirit of Bill Wilkins. Bill Wilkins, through Janet, claims to be 72 years old, from Durant Graveyard. It goes on to explain that Bill lost the use of his eyes and eventually died in the home of 284, Green Street, Brimsdown, Enfield. Even going as far as stating that he passed away in a chair that was in the home when the Hodgson’s moved in.

“I felt used by a force that nobody understands. I really don’t like to think about it too much. I’m not sure the poltergeist was truly ‘evil’. It was almost as if it wanted to be part of our family. It didn’t want to hurt us. It had died there and wanted to be at rest. The only way it could communicate was through me and my sister.”

—Janet Hodgson

It was eventually confirmed that there was in fact a man named William (Bill) Charles Louis Wilkins residing in the Enfield home, until he passed away in 1963. However, he was 61 years old when he died, not 72 as claimed in the recording. Also, Janet/the spirit claim that he came from ‘Durants Graveyard’ in the interview, when Bill Wilkins was actually buried in Lavender Hill Cemetery a little further away from the Enfield home, than the nearby cemetery.

It’s these inconsistencies, along with some researchers believing the children, primarily Janet, were willfully deceiving everyone. Some investigators reported seeing Janet knocking on walls herself, bending spoons and behaving in a way that suggested she were attempting to sway the beliefs of those researching the event (some of this was caught on film). Janet essentially admitted in various interviews in the years afterwards, that she would play games during the long periods of testing to see if Maurice Grosse could be deceived, stating that he always caught her in her attempts. Claiming that her deception would have accounted for less than 2% of the paranormal events in their entirety. But 2% of an admission to willful deception is grounds for many people to disregard the entire incident.

“There were many bystanders who thought the family invented it all, using basic conjuring tricks, in order to get a new and better council house. But although Mrs Hodgson was a single mother with four children, Roz Morris disputes this possible motivation: “She had a good house, as far as she was concerned, and in fact she stayed in it – that’s where she died in 2003.” The journalist admits that at the beginning she herself was extremely skeptical and looking out for any ways in which “trickery” could be involved, but she found Mrs Hodgson to be sincere and undoubtedly “very frightened”. Richard Crosse rules out a financial motive: “They never made any money out of it.” Graham Morris backs this up, maintaining that “cheque book journalism” simply didn’t exist in those days.”


With the media circus dispersing, by 1978 a priest is said to have visited the home, after which, according to Janet Hodgson, the events settled down. But they didn’t end entirely, Peggy and Janet’s youngest brother Billy lived in the home until Peggy (Janet’s mother) passed away, allegedly in the same chair that Bill Wilkins passed away in. Billy and Peggy claimed that you always felt as though you were being watched inside that house.

So the last of the Hodgson’s left the home, Janet Hodgson claiming to this day that the events were not only legitimate, but all began after she and her sister Margaret had played with a Ouija board.

Strangely, after the home was momentarily uninhabited, the next inhabitants learned the story might not have been entirely over. One family in particular, Clare Bennett and her children, found they too felt as though they were constantly being watched inside the Enfield home. Voices and knocking would consistently awake the family during the night. When Clare’s son Shaka (15) began to awake to an apparition of a man entering his bedroom, and unusual experiences seemed to escalate once more. The Bennett’s left the home two months after moving in.

Whose to say if the current inhabitants have experienced anything unusual, when looking at the property on google maps, the words ‘JESUS HOUSE’ appear on one of the windows. Whether legitimately haunted, or an elaborate ruse, strange events have unfolded within the walls of 284, Green Street, Brimsdown, Enfield.

ᵀᴴᴱ WESTALL UFO ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ STRANGENESS ᴛʜᴀᴛ ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡᴇᴅ

(Illustrated by Nicholas Eveleigh)


A mysterious event takes place, in a land considered “far away” by most. Hundreds of children witness something they cannot explain, but no one believes them. The few adults present, teachers no less, are coerced into silence. Students vanish into thin air. The presence of a foreign unknown military force. An idealistic American scientist travels to the under side of the world looking for answers, eventually disgraced, he takes his own life. UFO sightings fluctuate, a man reports a UFO sighting and unusual experience, claiming that his car is being sucked into ethereal lights on an isolated road. Three days later, a fatal car accident occurs at the exact location where the strange event took place. You might be thinking I’m describing the events of some sci-fi drama series, only a great many individuals, to this day, would attest that all, if not most of these claims were entirely true. The least disputed detail of all the strangeness, is the sighting of an unidentified flying object, a flying saucer.

It was 11:00 am, Wednesday, April 6th, 1966, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. What no doubt may have presented itself as an ordinary day at Westall High school, would have drastically changed the moment voices began to shout, “look up in the sky, it’s a flying saucer!”

Immediately, a sense of frenzy, fear, wonderment and exhilaration resonated among the students, because as many eyewitnesses will tell you, as they looked to the clear blue morning sky, there was a silver flying saucer performing aerial feats beyond the capabilities of the (publicly known) aircraft of the day.

As hundreds of students charged toward an area nicknamed ‘The Grange’ where a paddock converged onto a grove of pine trees (today a nature reserve) beyond the edge of the school, numerous eyewitness reports claim that the flying saucer actually lowered into the tall grass. Causing a circular impression that remained after the UFO ascended, some noting also a swirling inner pattern. The UFO was not alone in the sky, according to many eyewitnesses, a number of small airplanes (claims as high as 5) were tailing it. (Though there were no reports of any unusual activity made by Air traffic control or the Royal Australian Air force. To this day, the alleged ‘5 pilots’ have never come forward).

There have since been claims that children, one girl identified only as “Tanya” and others that were closest to the unidentified object when it made its descent, passed out and lay unconscious on the ground around it. Eyewitnesses make the claim that even an ambulance attended the scene to see to the students seemingly suffering physiological effects of the experience. It is claimed by one eyewitness, that “Tanya” was never seen again, after succumbing to some physiological effect from the experience, never returning to school after the event on April 6th.

All up, it is believed the aerial chase, the landing and high speed escape/disappearance happened within a window of approximately 20 minutes. 20 minutes, according to most of the vocal eyewitnesses that has profoundly effected their lives.

(Dr. James E. McDonald)

In interviews conducted by American Physicist/Ufologist, Dr. James E. McDonald roughly one year later, he managed to speak with science teacher Andrew Greenwood who was there that fateful day. Greenwood upon realizing the frenzy sweeping up outside among the students, headed outside to get a look at what they were reacting to. Andrew Greenwood described the UFO as a “round, silver object about the size of a car with a metal rod sticking up in the air.” He then remarked that one of the first things to occur after the event took place, was the headmaster instructed all students to return to their classrooms, after which Greenwood said “he [the headmaster] gave the school a lecture and told the children they would be severely punished if they talked about this matter and told the staff they could lose their jobs if they mentioned it at all.”

From there, according to those who tried to speak out about the event, an element of secrecy and suppression arose. Military vehicles were seen around the area, the site was under total lockdown. Ironically, exactly as virtually every film surrounding such an event would have you believe. Men in camouflaged uniforms were reportedly seen by dozens of the eyewitnesses still vocal on the issue now more than half a century on. The unusual thing about men in camouflage is that in Australia during the 1960’s, neither the Australian nor the British had incorporated it into the military uniforms. Suggesting a possible involvement of either a group, outside of a national government, or even the U.S government which did/does have a presence on Australian soil.

There is talk of suppression of information surrounding this incident. I don’t know how things were managed at the time, perhaps due to the nature of news in the 1960’s it simply did not receive the coverage it might if it occurred today. Though, anecdotally, I would have to agree that something does seem unusual about the records. In researching the event through the usual channels, archives of Australian public newspaper records, the entire year of 1966 in Australia seems oddly slim. Searching terms like “UFO”, “Westall”, “Flying Saucer” were actually proving fruitless. So then I changed the search purely based on date.

In Melbourne, 1966, possibly by coincidence, 1966 draws a blank. So then I started checking other states, in case stories made it to further away Newspapers. When I looked up ‘The Canberra Times’, checking through dates around early April I didn’t find any mention of the Westall UFO event (though perhaps I was just lazily looking in all the wrong places). I did however, find this story, reported in Canberra, about a story that happened in Victoria, approximately 2 hours NW from the Westall incident, mere days after the UFO was sighted at the back of the school:

“MELBOURNE, Monday. — The current world-wide spate of sightings of flying saucers was brought closer to home today by a report by a Maryborough man. Mr Ronald F. Sullivan, a 38-year-old builder of Victoria Street, Maryborough, said he had seen an unidentified flying object on the Bendigo to St Arnaud Road last Monday. Three days later a youth was killed when his car ran off the road at the place where Mr Sullivan said he had seen the object.

Mr Sullivan said, “the headlights on my car were suddenly diverted to the right, for no apparent reason. And if I had followed them I would have run off the straight stretch of road. The fact that I am an experienced driver, and know the district well, saved my life. I managed to stop before I crashed.

Then I saw a display of gaseous lights in all colours of the spectrum in a nearby paddock. The object rose about 10 feet in the air. It later disappeared”, Mr Sullivan said.

Mr Sullivan said he drove on to Wycheproof where his headlights were checked and found to be in perfect order. He went to the crash scene with police on Friday. “We all noticed there was a depression about five inches deep in the freshly ploughed paddock, about 50 feet from the fence. It was about five feet in diameter.” Mr Sullivan said. Police at Maryborough, Castlemaine, Bealiba and Newstead said today they had all heard reports of flying saucers in the area. They have not been able to find the cause of the accident in which the youth, Gary Taylor, 19, of Carnegie, died.”


It’s also claimed that the chemistry teacher at Westall High, Barbara Robins, had access to a camera and was hastily snapping photographs of the UFO during the 20 minute frenzy. There are a great many photographs claiming to be taken during this event, but when I cross referenced them (reverse google search) every single one was linked to other UFO sightings, though that is common in many news stories, surrounding issues even outside of the paranormal. It’s been suggested that Barbara Robins had her camera and film confiscated and was coerced into silence.

Ultimately, in my opinion, this is more a story about suppression than anything else. It has endless possible explanations, but these are the top four I could come up with.

  1. Mass Hysteria, somehow something potentially non-existent has been blown way out of proportion. Disingenuous recollections of a misinterpreted reality. This is actually the least likely scenario, in my mind.
  2. Extraterrestrial or Ultraterrestrial life with access to highly advanced technology, presented itself to hundreds of Australian schoolchildren. For whatever reason, some “agency” (government or otherwise) wants to keep it a secret, suppressed knowledge.
  3. Certain groups on this planet have access to technology that far surpasses what is currently available to the masses. Information is power, and the power is being kept from the general people. Those that rule the world don’t want individuals to be self-sufficient and able to thrive off of the nipple of “the system”
  4. The whole thing was a setup. The entire experience was orchestrated. “They” wanted to test how a group would react to something like this, then how they could suppress it.

Some estimations to the total number of witnesses of UFO phenomena (of varying levels and vicinity of encounters) in Victoria around the 6th of April, 1966 are approximately 300 individuals. 300 individuals that saw “a flying saucer” at a very low altitude. This wasn’t a craft people were squinting to see through the clouds, this was something narrowly avoiding telegraph poles (as one witness claimed). All said and done, in this account of strange events, there is one major thing to ask yourself. Someone in all of this is lying, that much is certain. The question that only you can truly ask yourself is, who? Did the students decide to create some charade? For the fun of it? For fame? They didn’t achieve any, the story barely got out. Or is the reason that seemingly “military” types were involved almost instantly, liaising with the powers that be, because certain people know certain things, that the rest of us are not allowed to understand.

If you think time will reveal the answers naturally, that the truth will rise to the surface on its own accord, like cream, remember this event happened over half a century ago. Many of the eyewitnesses have spent their entire lives waiting to make sense of what they saw, like something would emerge from the woodwork and link the pieces together. That day, unfortunately, has yet to come. Unless something changes, something gives out, the secrets will remain secrets, dormant and unknown.

According to UFO-Hunters.com as of the year 2020, there are over 200220 sightings reported and that number expected to continue to grow as more people around the world continue to more avidly monitor and record the activity of the skies.


(Animation from GIPHY.com)

There is no greater limitation on our species, than the limitations we face when perceiving how limited our perception actually is. We are creatures of an entropic universe, like microscopic organisms that live and die in the upper half of the dwindling sands of an hour glass. As far as we can perceive, the arrow of time points in one direction only. We, like everything we have ever known with what senses we possess, are always and seemingly infinitely the products of something else. The organic life that exists now has reproduced and replicated itself since a time we would call the ‘beginning’ of the bioorganic world. The formation of perceivable matter, we attest to the amalgamation of microscopic particles after the Big Bang. The further back we travel however, speculating some origin of the universe, our imaginations begin to fail us. The limitations of our comprehension and understanding of the ‘grand scheme of all things’ begin to show, like cracks in a façade.

To our general human understanding, everything that ever is, was, or will be, must have or had, a beginning of some sort. When we apply this concept to the ever expanding universe in which our species resides, we are faced with a perplexing thought. We are told that the Big Bang is the moment that both time and space came into existence, that the cause was/could have been a totally random event. But for any catalyst to occur, of any magnitude, something had to have happened. Thus the waters begin to grow increasingly murky. In lieu of our universe, in the absence of this ‘reality’, what is/was there? If anything at all? If our universe did not exist, whether or not there is or isn’t anything beyond, we are for the most part, utterly incapable of imagining what continues to ‘go on’, wherever/whenever that may be.

Approximately 13.8 billion years ago, our comprehensible universe in its entirety existed in a fraction of time and space many, many times smaller than a single atom. Some have theorized the existence of parallel universes, a direct ‘shadow universe’ (connected/veiling our own and connected by gravity since and attributing to the beginning of our universe) and an entire multiverse linking/spawning universes and or dimensions. One theorized means of connecting two isolated points in space and time, universes, or junctures throughout the multiverse are naturally occurring ‘wormholes’.

Science-fiction has taken many liberties with the concept of the wormhole, suggesting that they are assuredly shortcuts through the curvature of space-time and traversable by forms of life (often with the aid of highly advanced technology). When in truth, for the most part, we can only speculate and hypothesize. Usually when it’s suggested that a wormhole could be used to travel billions of light-years in a short amount of time, it’s because it is believed that space-time bends and folds. But between folded points, like a folded piece of paper, an entry/exit hole exists (wormholes) cutting through billions of light-years of otherwise linear distances.

It’s one thing to discuss the function of wormholes and the possible use to traverse points in space and time in our own universe, but it is somewhat more controversial (or fictitious) to suggest the notion that wormholes could link parallel universes, dimensions or the multiverse entirely. When entertaining the idea that there could be arguably traversable links between our universe and the multiverse, a great many questions arise. Time is considered the fourth dimension in our universe, but higher dimensions and theoretical qualities of the multiverse transcend time. So would it be possible for a wormhole to form (by some hypothetical means) between our universe at a point in time when the date on earth was the 4th of September, 1772 and a region in the multiverse independent from time. The wormhole opens for a duration of exactly 9 seconds before vanishing in our universe, but in the multiverse it remains perpetually open and infinitely linked to the 4th of September, 1772 during a 9 second period.

Then in the earth year 7772, another wormhole appears in our universe, linking to the multiverse, relatively close to the constant wormhole that is still connected to the 9 second window in the year 1772. Now the hypothetical paradoxes begin to arise. Imagine, an advanced form of life (ultraterrestrial, extraterrestrial) learns of the existence of countless wormholes, throughout universes and the multiverse to travel where and when it wants, anywhere imaginable at the speed of light. Only one day, it happens to go through the same wormhole twice, that links to our universe on the 4th of september, 1772 for 9 seconds…

During the 9 second window, the advanced being had already once passed through and been present. So theoretically, upon this loop around, returning to the same wormhole, the advanced being would witness its former self embarking on its prior journey. Only, shouldn’t have it seen its future self appear simultaneously upon its original arrival? What if, the second craft was ill fated and another being wanted to warn it to avoid catastrophe. Immediately, during the 9 second window in 1772, three crafts would exit the wormhole. Two identical crafts and one third, warning them of their misfortune. All three navigate wormholes home, but now there are two replicates of the same being, one several hours (relatively) older than the other returning to their home world?

What if someone in 7772 designs an explosive of planetary proportions and sends it through the wormhole channels, that lead back to the 9 second window in 1772 and the explosion consequently destroys planet earth? Some might suggest that the future would cease to be the moment its past was eradicated. But others believe that theoretically, time trajectories are entirely independent. Meaning where we are in this juncture of time and space, is entirely separate to any hypothetical alterations to the past. So even the concept of going through the wormhole and seeing a former self may be impossible, because the point you pass into this universe/dimension is 0.00 for both parties. Only if there was a time variation for one to arrive at 0.00 and one at 0.01 or less, would they occur in the same point or trajectory in time and space. Because time is relative, not absolute, especially in the sense of a multiverse transcending time, it creates a paradox of epic proportion.

Our interpretation of time and inter-dimensional travel is limited by our experience. While most people agree time travel, especially traveling backwards through time is utterly impossible, even if it were theoretically achievable, we often struggle to fathom what implications could/would arise from it. Could you return to a specific point in time, to pick up one dollar from the side of the road, over and over and over again? Appearing at 6.00 AM on the dot each time, returning again and again as your pocket fills with dollar coins. Or would you return once and be fighting over the first coin with yourself?


(Illustrated by Douglas Castleman)

When a magician makes something disappear in front of an audience, we applaud the deception. Misdirection, sleight of hand, ingenuity, we admire the skill of someone who can seemingly defy the laws of reality before our very eyes. However, every magician knows making something disappear pales in comparison to making something appear (or reappear), as if plucked from thin air. That’s what gets a crowd roaring with applause. To make an elephant appear out of nothing, evokes a sense of wonderment, it symbolizes endless possibilities. But what happens if a magician closes an act after making two audience participants disappear? Well, that symbolizes something else entirely. Something unsettling. The very real understanding, that in this world, by the work of accident, plot or very strange and unusual circumstances, any one of us could vanish without a trance. Never to be seen again.

As fate would have it, on the 23rd of November, 1953, as it stands, such an end(?) appears to have befallen the likes of First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla Jr. and Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson. Their disappearance falls into the elusive category of ‘strange and unusual circumstances’.

At the time of writing this text, the following events took place 65 years ago. As the evening skies began to darken, air defense radar operators detected the movement of an unidentified flying object. The flight was tracked as the craft flew over the Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Soo Locks. Unable to communicate with the craft to verify its clearance, it was decided to launch an F-89 Scorpion interceptor to investigate the nature of the unknown craft.

The Pilot of the craft was Felix E. Moncla and the onboard radar operator was Robert L. Wilson.

For unknown reasons Lt. Wilson was unable to track the craft with the onboard radar so Lt Moncla was guided by the ground radar at the Kincheloe Air Force Base (situated in the Kinross Charter Township, Michigan. The base sometimes referred to as the Kinross Air Force Base, hence this commonly being referred to as the ‘Kinross Incident’). The F-89 Scorpion interceptor was traveling at 500 mph and the chase was believed to have lasted for approximately half an hour. The two crafts were tracked on the radars from the airbase, where the two radar blips seemingly converged, 8000 ft above Lake Superior, Michigan.

At first it was believed that the F-89 Scorpion had either over or under shot the craft making it appear as though their blips had unified on the radar screen. But the Scorpion was unresponsive and there was total radio silence. It was now considered that the crafts collided and the blip would be the marker for the wreckage soon to be submerged in the lake. However, one remaining blip kept on its original flight path, as if nothing had happened. But the F-89 Scorpion along with its passengers, seemingly vanished without a trace. To this day, never to be seen again.

It was thought at the time (and said to be recorded by the United States Air Force) as an “investigation” of a Royal Canadian Air Force C-47 Skytrain. Although, the Pilot of the closest Canadian air craft, Gerald Fosberg along with the Canadian government deny there was a collision or encounter between aircraft of any kind.

The center of Lake Superior is about 148 miles (238 km) from the Soo locks, where the UFO was originally detected. An immediate rescue team, along with extensive searches in the years since have all been unsuccessful to retrieve any trace of the lost aircraft. Lake Superior contains 2,900 cubic miles (12,100 km³) of water, with a total area of 82,103 km². It’s widest length stretching around 350 miles (563 km).

While the search area is vast, if the assumption that the UFO was an RCAF C-47 Skytrain (or behaving very similar to one), at the time the maximum speed of that particular craft was around 224 mph at 10,000 ft. Maybe it was this speed along with altitude and behavior of the craft, that led to this belief. So assuming the speed being traveled was 224 mph, in half an hour at top speed, it would have traveled 112 miles. Therefore, if the origin of the radar blip began above the Soo locks, at maximum speed for the presumed craft, it would likely be within the radius illustrated on the map below. ☟

(Created with MapDevelopers.com)

It’s entirely possible that a series of accidents, mistakes, malfunctions or one fateful, singular error, led to the destruction of an F-89 Scorpion jet interceptor and consequently the loss of the lives of First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla Jr. and Second Lieutenant Robert L. Wilson. Perhaps, somewhere in the depths of Lake Superior, 1,826 miles (2,938 km) at its deepest depth, there rests the submerged craft and what remains of those who were piloting it.

Alternatively, the watery depths of Lake Superior don’t hold the answers many have been seeking since the 23rd of November, 1953. Maybe something happened that evening, involving a UFO that possibly, somehow engaged with the F-89 Scorpion. Could have a foreign hostile aircraft have engaged and destroyed the Scorpion, where soon after, governments went to great lengths to cover up an event which could have led to escalations of national outrage?

But is it possible that something far more phenomenal occurred? Like for instance, a UFO of unworldly origins engaging with a USAF aircraft and either A) using such advanced weaponry, the F-89 Scorpion was absolutely obliterated 8000 ft above Lake Superior, leaving no physical remnants behind. Or B) as some have suggested about this iconic UFO encounter, is it possible that the F-89 Scorpion, along with those onboard, were never destroyed in a mid-air altercation, but rather abducted by an alien craft. Where the craft, or its crew are, in time and/or space, to this day, we don’t know.


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In 1859, Alfred Russel Wallace discovered a pathogenic fungus called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis. When an ant becomes infected by a spore of this fungus, the fungus alters its behavior, driving it to seek out an ideal place for the parasitic fungus to “reproduce”. Carpenter ants have adapted to detect this behavior and attempt to counter the effects by a single ant sacrificing itself to drag the infected individual as far from the colony as possible, where the two will die to minimize the losses of the collective. If however, the infected ant is not discovered in time, it will fix itself to a prime location with its mandibles and undergo a transformation. Over the course of several days, the ants body becomes the husk and lifeless host for the reproductive organ of the fungus to sprout. A horn, often several times longer than the length of the deceased ant’s body grows from its head. A bulb develops on the horn-like structure, which eventually bursts, loosing its spores, spreading the pathogenic fungus. In some events, resulting in the total obliteration of an ant colony. It’s been suggested that the specific colony that ophiocordyceps unilateralis targets is often undergoing a state of overpopulation. Acting as a sort of “rectification process”, to cull the insect masses and restore balance to the delicate ecosystem of the rain-forest.

The ant and the pathogenic fungus, are no doubt completely oblivious to the roles they play, the purposes they serve in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Merely the victims of a system, they could never understand. The seemingly harsh and uncaring balance of the natural world. It’s the same reason the largest shark embryo cannibalizes around a dozen of its siblings while still in the womb. The same reason a starving baby bird might peck a rival sibling to death while waiting for a parent to return. The ugly and instinctual desire for preservation, at the cost of another’s loss. The innumerable “necessary evils” that have kept our planet in check since the dawning of the ages.

You might think, as a human being, the most advanced known form of life on this planet, that you’re generally above such primal turns of fate. You’re simply beyond the cruelty of nature’s grasp. But depending on where you are in this world and your level of exposure to the “system”, you might have a very different opinion on the matter. In the human world, the system is complex, elaborate and often difficult to detect or even comprehend (in some instances). But it is just as real as the systems in the natural world and in some cases, as equally ruthless as mother nature herself.

Could a “will” exist to “sustain”, “control” a societal existence by means and methods many might consider underhand and manipulative?

It’s complicated, because our “system” isn’t purely based around survival, not anymore. Survival is still an element of the system, but it is heavily involved in what we as a collective species believe. “They” want to know what we think and how they can influence that thought. If you can control the worldview, you can control the world. As ominous, daunting and unpleasant as that sounds, rulers have been using this tactic since the beginning of recorded civilization. The only problem is, myths and human sacrifice aren’t going to cut it anymore. So the best option they have is using the closest thing we have to deities, which are idols, idolized humans of the world celebrity status. Using revered individuals to set a standard of thought/opinion you can popularize a worldview just as efficiently as a prehistoric Shaman sharing a foreboding tale aside a campfire. Ruling the world isn’t about mass slave labor to build some grandiose structure anymore (well, maybe a metaphorical structure), it’s about influencing how and where money is spent. Despite all the outrageous explanations for who/what/why/when in the end, the system is only concerned about sustaining what they deem a specific desired standard and also, converting the individual into a more efficiently monitored source of income. The system seeks to preserve itself, at the expense of privacy, truth and the lives of the misinformed.

Belief is the key, because blind unquestioning allegiance has always been useful in the development (and destruction) of nations the world over. Great fortunes have been amassed through countless wars, where more often than not the men dying in them are the least informed of what the conflict is truly about. But that makes perfect sense, because if the “powers that be” at any stage in history were honest about their intentions, such as mere financial gains, there wouldn’t be quite so many willing to lay down their lives. So great elaborate stories are sung on both sides, telling of how either enemy offends and opposes everything the other side ever stood for. Many lives are lost, resources, lands are claimed and those orchestrating events grow a little more powerful.

The “system” is part of the reason that in the year 2019, economists have claimed data has surpassed oil in value. There are some who believe interference in the “system’s” agenda in some events, can lead to the death of an individual. That certain “truths” are kept secret from public knowledge and the control of said truths helps perpetuate the state of normality they have long cultivated (such as those explained in the book by M. W. Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse).

There are even extreme suggestions put forward, such as the belief that the system manipulates which chemicals appear in foods/products, to cause health implications that could cause various ailments (cancers, diseases) to purposefully control the population. Also, suppressing cures, medical technology for the same reason.

For better or worse, we are all part of “the system” or maybe even just “a system”. The depths at which these systems operate may be the general level that is publicly understood or they may run much deeper and darker than we could ever anticipate. At which point, we have about as much chance escaping our fate as the ant from the ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus.


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What is the meaning of Life? Many cringe and recoil at the mere mention of such an inquiry. Some of us ponder this question aloud during the naivety of youth, but as we grow older, this, like many other subjects become private and scarcely mentioned. Not because the question in itself is offensive, but we know all too well where this seemingly futile train of thought leads. Befuddlement, doubt, in lieu of some religious footing or adequate distraction, this can be the birthplace of nihilistic thought. It can seem as though there just isn’t any rhyme or reason to anything, merely a perpetual struggle of chaotic forces, seemingly meaningless events leading to meaningless outcomes and so on and so forth, for a meaningless eternity. So how could anything possibly matter, even in the slightest?

The innumerable species that have been wiped out entirely from our planet, many of which unknown to us, did they “mean” anything? The (approximately) 110 billion homo sapiens almost identical to us that have lived and died already, did they “mean” anything? The difficult part about the question “what is the meaning of life?” is that we don’t truly understand what life is. Yes, we know its characteristics, its commonalities (on this planet) but what do we really know about the nature of all life on this world? It simply wants to survive, it wants to procreate, a constant struggle of the individual to leave a common legacy behind. The simultaneously ugly and beautiful struggle, the failures, the successes, what is it all leading toward?

Is the struggle of life some complex form of entropy, disorder, working towards equilibrium? Is the fabled concept of the “supreme being” the embodiment of an achieved “equilibrium” of life? The final balance of all living chaos?

In 1961, Dr. Frank Drake came up with a theoretical equation to estimate the probability of communicative extraterrestrial civilizations within our Milky Way Galaxy. The equation is as follows:

N = R∗ · fp · ne · fl · fi · fc · L

N = Number of probable civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy.

R∗ = Average rate of star formation in the Milky Way Galaxy.

fp = Fraction of formed stars that are orbited by planet(s).

ne = Average number of planets capable of supporting life (as we understand it) per star, that is orbited by planet(s).

fl = Fraction of planets that could support life (as we understand it) that actually do develop life at some stage.

fi = Fraction of planets that develop life that lead to the evolution/existence of intelligent life capable of creating primitive civilization.

fc = Fraction of developed civilizations that become technologically advanced enough to release detectable signs of their existence into space (signal broadcast, etc).

L = Length of time such detectable signals, signs are capable of being received to interpret the civilizations existence (past or present).

In the very least likely scenario, when applying doubtful estimations, N can equal a value much less than 1. Suggesting that outside of earth, there is no intelligent life accompanying us in our galaxy. In some of the most optimistic of estimations however, the estimated number of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy can be in the vicinity of: 27, 000, 000 (assuming there are approximately 300 billion stars).

Despite these estimations using values based heavily on assumption, having a difference of below zero and over 27 million there is one crucial flaw to the concept of the equation. It relies almost entirely on the belief that all life as we understand it, arises from abiogenesis. The process by which life arises from inorganic/non-living matter.

Even if we were to look back, to the generally scientifically accepted age, 3.6 billion years ago when the last (known) universal common ancestor (LUCA) “spawned into existence”, a single-celled organism that seemingly appeared from a primordial cocktail. We don’t definitively know that LUCA came about from abiogenesis. We also don’t actually know (at this time) if abiogenesis has any real basis in reality. One of the reasons some doubt abiogenesis is that no one has ever successfully replicated the process to create life from matter. Some suggesting that the origin of life was an accident that took millions of years to occur, under very specific conditions. If abiogenesis isn’t the answer to our origin, then (outside of religious claims) we really don’t know how life began or even what it truly is. If it didn’t begin on this world, then where might life have come from in the beginning and why/how was it brought here in the first place?

Life wants to go on, thus far, it has succeeded. Life adapts, life learns from its mistakes. Life prioritizes procreation above all else, constantly looking to a future beyond the horizon. Life begets life. There are all sorts of theories why life “impregnates” a planet, a solar system, a galaxy or universe at large. Perhaps to be the designated custodians of time and space, for what purpose or from what origin is anyone’s guess.

As much as it may pain some to hear it, we often fail to realize how incredibly small we are in the grand scheme of things. You and I, everyone we’ve ever known, we all make up a minute fraction of a single tooth on a very, very small cogwheel. This cog, in turn spins another cog, and so on and so forth, to form a “machine” that we on the tooth of our cog may always struggle to comprehend. But the mere fact that we cannot perceive or even understand the nature of a system, doesn’t mean the system does not exist, serves a purpose or even has a will of its own.

Are we capable of understanding the will of a universe? We don’t even know the shape of the universe we find ourselves within. We also don’t quite understand what is beyond our universe, if anything at all. Will our universe always expand freely? Will a time come when the sentient “living” beings are required to overcome very real threats that could destabilize the entirety of space and time as we perceive it? The once seemingly primitive and dormant forms of life becoming antibodies (so to speak) and protectors of the “universe” the reality/dimension that holds the soul potential to give existence to everything we can comprehend. The desperate struggle of existence only on a much grander scale?

It’s possible the answers lie beyond the physical reality entirely. But the problem isn’t a lack of meaning, but rather the infinite possibilities as to what and why things are the way they are that leave us wondering. The belief that there is no meaning and everything that ever has or will happen is merely the work of chance alone, is quite a simple and somewhat lazy explanation. Because chance alone suggests that life as we know it is inevitable and inescapable, it is only a matter of time. A matter of rolling the dice under the right conditions. It implies that the existence of “life” is part of the “natural order” of the universe. Which means the meaning of life is integral to the meaning of the universe itself. Which brings us to the question that is connected to “what is the meaning of life?” and “what is the meaning of the universe?”, which is “what is the meaning of consciousness?”

This reality/dimension, in all it’s conceivable (and inconceivable) totality, what would there be in lieu of its existence? Virtually all of our answers involve something already existing to cause something else. The Big Bang requires the existence of mass and energy. Even in religion, God (or gods) create the universe, humanity etc, but where did God(s) come from? How did “something” come from “nothingness”? Even if you start with a blank canvas, where did the blank canvas come from? What was there before God(s)? Where did the first particle of matter come from?

This, much more complex, all-encompassing question is no doubt intrinsically linked with the meaning of the universe. However, just like the limits of our physical universe and how we cannot perceive what is beyond it, this knowledge, as far as I can tell, goes beyond the limits of our consciousness. But perhaps, one day, that will change.

ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇᴄᴜʟɪᴀʀ EVENT ᴏғ TUNGUSKA 1908


"The pines were roaring on the heights,
The wind was moaning, in the night,
The fire was red, it flaming spread,
The trees like torches, blazed with light."
—Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold, J. R. R. Tolkien

They say the sky was torn asunder, that the great void was then filled with fire. A flame so bright, it bore a bluish hue. The thunderous booms shook the earth, the heat was nigh unbearable. Some fell to their knees, wept in the streets and looked on, as if the world had begun to end.

No, this isn’t a Biblical text, nor is it a piece from mythology or even the work of a dragon in some far off distant land, detailed in a fantasy novel. Some 111 years ago (from the time of writing this text) a strange and powerful phenomenon occurred that exposed a rather small group of individuals on this planet, to something extraordinary and utterly terrifying.

On the 30th of June, at 7:17 in the morning, 1908, people across the northern region of what is now Siberia, Russia, noticed something spectacular flying across the morning sky.

Account translated from Russian, from records of eyewitnesses of the Tunguska Event:

“The sky was cloudless, only not high above the horizon, on the same side in which the luminous body was observed, there was a noticeably small dark cloud. It was hot, dry. Approaching the ground (forest), the shiny body seemed to have blurred, but in its place a huge club of black smoke formed and an extremely strong knock (not thunder) was heard, as if from large falling stones or a cannon fire. All buildings were trembling. At the same time, an indefinite flame began to erupt from the cloud.”

—N. Ponomarev

“The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn’t bear it as if my shirt was on fire; from the northern side, where the fire was, came strong heat. I wanted to tear off my shirt and throw it down, but then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few metres. I lost my senses for a moment, but then my wife ran out and led me to the house.”

—S. Semenov

A column of blue light was seen, as seemingly bright as the sun. Followed by a series of resonating sonic blasts, which toppled people over inside their homes. Estimated to have registered around 5.0 on the Richter magnitude scale, far across the region, despite the fact that this was not an earthquake and there was no sign of actual impact after the phenomenon had ended. Sightings of a strange blue light in the sky were were seen across the Northern Hemisphere at the time of the event.

The general belief of what occurred on June 30th was the entry of a meteoroid into the earth’s atmosphere. Subsequently as it descended, it disintegrated entirely some 5 to 10 kilometers from the surface. The size of the meteoroid presumed to be anywhere between 50 and 190 meters in diameter. The descent of the disintegrating meteoroid caused an air burst with a force estimated to equate to a range of 10-30 megatons of energy. An estimation thousands of times more powerful than the energy released from the atomic bomb dropped over Hiroshima, Japan, 6th of August, 1945 (.02 Mt).

This explosion of energy flattened approximately 2,000 square kilometers (770 square miles) of forrest and was responsible for 3 human casualties. To this day, at the epicenter of the blast, near the Podkamennaya Tunguska (Подкаменная Тунгуска) river in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, trees and plant-life are scarce. There is no sign of impact, yet the earth has been scarred. Even though the meteoroid never actually collided with earth, the Tunguska event is considered the largest (human witnessed) impact recorded in history.

There are a string of theories that attempt to explain the Tunguska event, with various means of natural phenomenon. Some of which suggest large amounts of natural gas may have been involved, pooling above Tunguska before being ignited by a natural ignition source (possibly lightning) causing an explosive eruption.

Then, of course, there are more wild (and imaginative) theories. Pertaining to mysterious forces, the likes of extraterrestrial activity. Some of these theories suggest that the cosmic air burst was not a fluke phenomenon but rather the work of a highly advanced weapon. From some of the descriptions given by eyewitnesses, some believe it sounds as though something (possibly a flying craft) was being repeatedly struck during its descent, billowing black smoke, as stated in eyewitness reports.

Suggesting the blue beam was not the tail of light following the meteoroid but instead a weaponized energy source willfully destroying something as it plummeted toward our planet. Eventually, completely obliterating it before it touched the ground. Though the immense energy used to do so, made an earth shaking impact of its own.

One theory surrounding the reason for this conflict of advanced crafts is that our planet was/is under the protection of a highly advanced alien race of beings. Who watch over our simple existence in a similar fashion to the rangers watching over the realms surrounding the Shire, of Tolkien’s Middle-earth. On this particular occasion an invading force slipped through their defenses, but they managed to destroy it and obliterate its existence just in time. An intriguing idea, but very little evidence corroborates with this far-fetched theory.

Perhaps we’ll never truly know exactly what caused the Tunguska event and hopefully, we’ll never witness anything like it.


The fabled Island of Atlantis (Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος) is thought to have been first mentioned in an allegorical fictitious work by the Athenian Philosopher, Plato, c. 380 BC. I could forgive you for assuming that is where the story of Atlantis ends. However, in the 2399 year gap from that alleged origin to the writing of this text, the mystery surrounding Atlantis has grown tremendously.

The following is an account of Usermaatre Ramesses III (the 2nd Pharaoh of the 20th Dynasty of Egypt) & The Battle of Djahy:

“Now the northern countries, which were in their isles, were quivering in their bodies. They penetrated the channels of the Nile mouths. Their nostrils have ceased (to function, so that) their desire is [to] breathe the breath. His majesty is gone forth like a whirlwind against them, fighting on the battle field like a runner. The dread of him and the terror of him have entered in their bodies; (they are) capsized and overwhelmed in their places. Their hearts are taken away; their soul is flown away. Their weapons are scattered in the sea. His arrow pierces him whom he has wished among them, while the fugitive is become one fallen into the water. His majesty is like an enraged lion, attacking his assailant with his pawns; plundering on his right hand and powerful on his left hand, like Set[h] destroying the serpent ‘Evil of Character’. It is Amon-Re who has overthrown for him the lands and has crushed for him every land under his feet; King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands: Usermare-Meriamon.”

— translated by Egerton and Wilson, 1936.

Very little is known about these invaders, other than the fact that they came from the sea. Only referred to as ‘the sea people’, unable to ever successfully sack Egypt though they are credited with the toppling of several civilizations of the Bronze Age. These seafarers to some, represent a possible candidate for a people that may represent a tangible Atlantian presence in the ancient world. Perhaps due to their numbers and military capability it was falsely assumed they came from some great land mass. An island that rivaled Egypt in cultural and technological progression. When in reality, these “sea people” may have came from humble islands scattered throughout the Mediterranean.

In a way, Atlantis to most of us represents how we feel about antiquity at large. Just as great civilizations are lost to destruction, their enemies, the wrath of nature or the passing of time. It isn’t difficult for most of us to believe that there was once a great civilization that existed in this world, which we know nothing about. As though the very nation, after a great battle, earthquake, flood or the will of a God – sunk beneath the sea. Lost, never to be seen again.

Often we’re so caught up in our literal understanding, we fail to realize that land doesn’t make nations, people do. This rang just as true in the ancient world. A nation of nomadic warriors, for whatever reason, once dispersed, it’s as though their once great Kingdom had dissolved into thin air. Gone without a trace.

Whether or not there was ever an actual island that sunk into the sea known as Atlantis, most of us could never be entirely certain. But to this day, the sea surrounding the missing island bears the name Ἀτλαντὶς θάλασσα, which translates to “the sea of Atlantis”. To this day, it is known as the Atlantic Ocean.